This happens when the shutter button has been half pressed so it is using the af. Anyway I, and others, have found a significant improvement in the sharpness of bird photos by leaving the standard steady shot on (which matches what the a65 had) and turning the steady shot with shutter release to off. Sony has several autofocus settings to choose from, so it can be kind of confusing on what each does and when to … What you’re describing has not been unusual for a number of people trying out the 77ii. The camera will not autofocus when depressing the shutter release button, but … Thanks, and all the best for 2015! This affects how the viewfinder looks and tracks things, but by doing this, it improved image quality a lot. Enjoy wide-ranging lens compatibility and high-performance Fast Hybrid AF. Read more about Nasim here. Hi Elise…hopefully Zas will see this too. We bind back button focus to the AF/MF/AEL switch lever. bigger. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment Dave. With AF-A, your camera switches from single to continuous autofocus automatically when it detects that the subject is moving. You get 42 megapixels versus 24 megapixels. You get better high ISO performance. Hi Zas, i would advise you to play around with the CAF settings, see what works for you first. When Sony released the A7S a bit later, I did not see drastic changes aside from the camera sensor, so I put off reviewing that camera for a while as well. Trying to figure out what setting has to be adjusted in what menu in order for a feature to work properly is getting really stupid. And hopefully it will still be useful to you even several months after posting your comment. Hi Steve, you’re very welcome. I will try out the suggested combination of Hi continuous shooting rate with low AF drive next time with interest. I could be wrong though cause I can’t figure it all out. Hi Suzette, van you give some more info on what type of nature shots you do? Your email address will not be published. Remember that you can always easily switch to different zones using the Multi-controller. I get a lot of views on this posts, but in this selfish world, rarely people take time to give me some feedback, thank you for that! We’ll go over some settings that influence the performance of the focus area settings first. Happy to help Howie. Thanks. Sports and action photography might benefit from using, Deactivating it will go back to your selected. Great if you don’t mind what is in focus (as long as something is) but not so great if you want to track one subject. Hi Wim, thanks for the review, very useful, especially when there isnt much good info about alpha cameras. Your email address will not be published. Tip: Tip: Works well if your scene is not too busy, and is what I would call one of the advanced functions of the  A77 M2. I found that in Continuous Shooting Lo, the camera performs better with AF Drive Speed set to Hi. AF functionality is quickly set by the dedicated Mode Dial on the bottom left front of the camera. This is useful for unpredictable subjects that may move at … Sony hot a home run with this AF system, but it takes some time to learn all the features, and it doesn’t work as well for all scenarios straight out of the box. I got used to shooting this way with my Canon 5D mk II and I would like to continue working this way with my A77ii. What if I just want to shoot my dogs running. This does change the function of the Multi-controller middle button in all modes (except Lock-on AF Wide) as when it is OFF, it acts as a center focus button. Hi Martin, good to know that my work is appreciated! It’s linked to the speed at which the camera acquires critical focus, either when the lens has to bridge a big change in focus distance, or when the conditions force the camera to. The difference in AF performance between the A7 series cameras is quite noticeable, particularly when shooting in good light – the A7 II acquires focus much faster in com… AF tracking will remember whatever you’ve selected to track, even if your subject moves out of your frame. I’ve been shooting action with SLT’s since SONY first introduced them, but have had awful problems with the DT SAM 55-300 on my a77ii. I had a Sony HX100V earlier (superzoom) which had a help button that explained each and every icon and its function on the LCD itself. A high setting delivers more responsive focusing for shooting different subjects at different distances, such as wildlife or sports photography. I guess the only option is manual mode. It has the amazing 24 MP Sony sensor, similar to what the Nikon D610 and D750 cameras feature, with superb dynamic range and excellent handling of noise at high ISOs. The Sony a7II is the company’s fourth full-frame interchangeable lens mirrorless camera and spec-for-spec it’s arguably the most technologically advanced camera I have ever used.The a7II is notable as the first full-frame mirrorless camera to feature an in-body image stabilization system. (small typo under lens reviews: you wrote SEISS instead of Zeiss on one of the bottom zeiss lenses…), I was wondering about this: “You can select if you want to use all AF area points or just the 15 central points.” Are you sure about the “central points” part? I shot a lot of bird photography with an a65…a very simple device compared to the 77ii. The Sony A7 II comes with an improved version of the hybrid autofocus system found on its predecessor, offering up to 30% faster autofocus performance. This mode is best used for critical focusing. Can you help? I will try out your other suggestions soon. This is with the a7ii with continuous af, i had this issue a few weeks ago as well and it was in bright daylight so its not something that is low light specific. Autofocus has long been considered a joke for video and especially for cinema applications, but the technology is definitely getting there, and Sony's a9, a7r III and now a7 III are the proof. Any help with this will be much appreciated. Great article. Using all AF points, the camera will try to identify your target and follow it as the target moves in all directions. It adjusts target frame size based on subject characteristics and makes use of the optimal AF point for the smoothest possible autofocus. When Sony initially launched the A7 series, I wrote a detailed article on how the Sony mirrorless would most likely impact Nikon and Canon full-frame DSLR prices and potentially sales. Im planig to get 77ii or A7s. And that’s the idea – these cameras are meant to appeal different needs primarily based on resolution. Best, Wim. You can try it out, but if you’re happy with the results ‘fast’ is giving you, no need to change of course. Everything else is pretty similar or more or less the same. This feature is available in the Canon 7D Mark II, Nikon D750, and Sony a5100, among others. I’ve got the original A77 and my A77 ii will be coming later today. Much depends on your drive mode settings. Hi Howie, no that is a typo, I’ll change it: Drive speed hi is fast, Lo is slow. Sony and all camera co. Wake up. I was so frustrated after my last game, that I considered returning the camera and going with something else entirely. Hi Kyle, I understand your frustration. 2. In a nutshell, there are two steady shot settings in this camera…the standard one, and the steady shot with shutter release. October 16 of 2013 marks an important milestone in the history of photography, because it is the date when Sony announced world’s first full-frame mirrorless cameras, the Sony A7 and A7R. And you get far superior, 4K video. I tried many different settings but it was kind of a crapshoot how I went about it and I should have documented various steps but ended up getting to where I was literally ready to sell everything sony and move over to canon. You could try the A7s with an LEAE4 adapter for now, but I agree there are a lot of buts with FE cameras for the moment. That would alleviate the pain of many photographers, as they would be able to choose a camera based on their megapixel and other shooting needs. Hi Rob, it’s a fantastic camera, with a bit of a learning curve. Very nice website! Different photographers use the same camera in different ways, if this suits you, go for it. I was a bit overwhelmed by the controls and realised it would be a real trial and error journey till I can master even a little bit. So what are the key differences between the Sony A7 II and the original A7 and what has changed? Ah that’s great and thanks for the explanation and now it makes sense. Hi thanks for your reply. But I think that’s a fairly temporary thing. You can select if you want to use all AF area points or just 15 points spread out over the entire AF area. Wonderful collection of information! For subject tracking in action photography, the. Then there are all the Object Tracking and Eye-AF features which may be available or mostly not available depending on all the other settings of the camera, like the Continues AF vs Single AF setting. There are a six different Sony A77II autofocus area settings selectable. I would definitely set AF drive speed to slow, that way the camera has some more time to reevaluate focus between shots. You might want to change “Focus Area” to “Center” or “Expanded Spot” if you’re used to the “focus and recompose” technique. Ergonomics have been greatly improved thanks to a much larger and more comfortable grip and the shutter release along with some buttons have been changed and moved as well (more on ergonomic changes in the next page of the review). Can I ask you sir, what you thing about a77ii video performance. The camera […] I just upgraded from the a57 to the 77ii, thinking I would absolutely love it, but am finding the autofocusing issues to be so cumbersome and frustrating! You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook. What am I doing wrong and what is the best setting it. A7r II: Autofocus with FE lenses. Hi Ken, thanks! My first weekend shooting with the 77ii, the majority of shots were out of focus, even on the automatic settings (I got so frustrated I thought I’d go to the “sports mode” setting to see if that was better – nope). On my A77ii my AF Drive speed has fast and slow not hi and lo maybe that’s due to the area I live in? The recent A6000 represents better value-for-money and has an autofocus system that in some ways exceeds the capabilities of that in the A77II. Sony Autofocus Modes: AF-A (Automatic AF) Not available on the A7 I series or the A7 mark II model. It is just a strange issue, has the newest firmware and lens has newest firmware as well. I just got my a77ii and OOB i was able to test its AF “intelligence” using the 55-300 SAM lens. I have it set up in a way that shoots my shooting style, and I’m very pleased with how it performs. Cheers. I think there is an issue with the cameras af sensor. If it failed to go through I simply wanted to share this thread from the dyxum forum…I found, as many did here that simply leaving the main or standard steady shot on, and turning the other “steady shot with shutter release” to OFF, that it greatly improved the image quality and focus. Lenses used so far. Nice guide, thanx a lot! As we mentioned above, the Sony a7iii comes with superior low light … Tomas, Hi Tomas, I agree, it is a fantastic camera. I am a long-time owner of the A77 and recently upgraded to the A77II. Understanding Sony’s Autofocus Settings The Sony A7iii was sold out everywhere when it launched, so it’s clear that a bunch of people are jumping ship and switching over to the Sony world. For birds I am finding an AF track duration of 2 to be good and use expanded flexible spot or expanded center spot most of the time. The A7 II was released in late 2014 and has become an … There is the new Lock on Af: expand flexible spot which I would imagine would be good for hockey, football and anything that has a chance of something going in front of your subject at random times. Wish Sony could have added the same on this brilliant camera! It was especially bad in low light conditions. In any case, Wim, thank you very much for this. In Continuous Shooting Hi, I got the best results when AF Drive Speed was set to Lo.”. I don’t want to toggle between 79 AF points , Yes you can use 15 points spread over the entire AF area. High-definition movie mode. It is extremely helpful, and as you’ve noted, the learning curve is steep with this camera, even for dedicated Sony users. I’d suggest using though ‘expand flexible spot’, that also uses the surrounding AF points (think of it like a circle of extra AF points surrounding the flexible spot). That’s why the newest addition to the Sony Alpha series is so conversation-worthy. That is the solution. I’m wondering how you came by the information contained in the article given the lack of information in the camera instruction manual. Hi Andy, I agree, it is an excellent way to use the A77II for sports. Best, Wim. So something just wasn’t jiving. He is recognized as one of the leading educators in the photography industry, conducting workshops, producing educational videos and frequently writing content for Photography Life. Dan, The AF on the A77M2 is better and more flexible, in good light :). Sony A7riii autofocus points go almost to the edges of the frame As a result of never having to focus and recompose, I can choose to use AF-C all the time, or at least almost all of the time. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. Which AF setting to adjust, that it focuses on the eyeball? And by low light conditions I’m not talking about shooting in moonlight, I’m talking about shooting inside your house with the lights on at night. Hi Dan, Best, Wim. Since the official release of these cameras, I had a chance to test both in 2014 as soon as they were available. It’s currently the best APS-C camera when it comes to AF capabilities and general performance. A pity, as I think we’re sending the wrong signal to Sony: i.e. The most notable feature of this iteration of the A7 is the autofocus component. Happy to help Michael! To put it short, my lack of time and my negative experience with these cameras contributed to reviews being put off for a later date. Continuous eye autofocus automatically detects and tracks a person’s eye, focusing on the eye first and tries to ensure that at least one eye is in focus. Good luck! [learn_more caption=”Olympus Focus Area”] [/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Olympus Focus Mode”] This all-content, junk-free website's biggest source of support is when you use those or any of these links to approved sources when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you … Tip: Works well if you find the wide focus area setting too unstable in focussing on what you want , but you still want the camera to do some follow focusing without physically moving the A77II itself too much. I have this camera for just over a week and had opted for the body only version and got the DT 55-300 lens since I was primarily interested in bird photography and stuff. /Or maybe a99 mk2 will get born :)/. One thing I’m not sure of though is what you wrote. I’ve just gotten the A77ii and have started to dabble with the focusing modes and this is very helpful. Drive speed refers to the speed at which the camera achieve critical focus. Cheers! When using this mode, the camera decides which of the focus points to use to set the focus. Tip: I’d recommend setting it to 15 points and Expanded Flexible Spot if you want to use a Flexible spot zone, as this area setting activates surrounding AF points if it loses focus anyway. For those who have struggled with AF issues I think this thread from dyxum will be helpful and I hope reassuring! Sony has taken their line of full-frame cameras to the next level with the Alpha a7 II Mirrorless Digital Camera, which features 5-axis SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization with 4.5 stops of compensation for pitch, yaw, horizontal shift, vertical shift, and roll.Operation of the 24.3-megapixel series has been streamlined with a redesigned grip, shutter release button, and customizable controls. on some zoom lenses that restricts the range of distance the camera will attempt to focus on. The default option is the 79 point Wide Focus mode. This has been very helpful as I’ve just moved over to Sony from Nikon so as you can imagine, it feels a bit alien to me at the moment. It might look like a small incremental upgrade over the A7 at first, but when you consider the above changes, especially the inclusion of IBIS, it certainly becomes a very different, more practical and capable camera in comparison. a7 II, the world’s first full-frame camera with 5-axis image stabilization. Nasim Mansurov is the author and founder of Photography Life, based out of Denver, Colorado. I’ve had no help at all from other forums, it seems I’m the only one with this issue. Sony a7RII’s back-illuminated sensor is the world’s first fullframe sensor with an on-sensor Phase Detection AF system capable of fast autofocus using SSM and SAM DSLR lenses. Maybe the first comment is in moderation and if so you can delete this one. You get faster autofocus, more AF points, and eye AF when continuous focusing. They are not on the same “page” in the settings so you’ll have to look for the latter. Sony A-mount lenses include motorized SSM and SAM lenses as well as non-motorized Screw Drive lenses. Normal autofocus is the up position of the lever, and Eye AF is the down position of the lever. Beyond that it’s a matter of finding what focus mode works best for your needs. Talking about video – the AF on a77, 99 is almost useless for proper work, like most of video dslr /got to be good light, contrast-isch subject, and f about 5,6 and more…/ so I prefer, and Im happy to pull it manually, but there are moments where good AF would help me – and this is one of the reasons I,d like to try a77mk2 /not to mention all my lenses are alpha mount/, A7s is certainly better than a77II for video but there is lot of “buts” at this moment for me – eventually I might end up there. Tip: It might be a good idea to assign this to a button you don’t use much, or at least adjust this setting depending on the shooting conditions. Top Sample Images Intro Lenses & Adapters Specifications USA Version Performance Compared Usage Recommendations More Sony A7 Mk II (21.4 oz./605g with battery and card, $898) and 85mm f/1.4 GM. At a recent airshow, shooting at 1/1250 sec and above, using every mode of continuous focus, af speed and duration, around 85% of all photos were fuzzy and the lens would also not focus between 55-90mm if I set it up accurately with af micro adjustment. However, I did not write detailed reviews for a number of reasons including native lens shortage and availability, all kinds of initial firmware bugs and lags, shutter vibrations (A7R), slow start up time, compressed RAW, terrible menu system, poor battery life and a number of other annoying issues. Set to aperture priority and in spite of being back lit the focus was very good. The good news is that you do get used to the features after some time. Flexible Spot is a manual AF area selection mode and lets you manually set the main AF point by using the Multi-controller to highlight one of the 15 points. Hi Michael, You’ll need to assign the eye-AF to a custom button, MENU → Custom Settings – Custom Key Settings – assign the Eye AF function to a button. Hi…I had posted a fairly lengthly comment here to Elise and Zas…who had some focusing problems with the 77ii. Have fun shooting. For example turning on the Lock-on AF in the menu disable the Lock-on AF features in the AF menu. The difference in overall speed when setting it to slow is minimal, you’ll hardly notice it. I cannot figure out from the manual to get a good way to focus on taking nature shots. The camera is fantastic by the way! Best and Worst Sony FE Lenses for A7 Cameras, Tips for Photographing the Great Conjunction. But the added flexibility and customizability of the latter will appeal to many action and wildlife photographers. I’d rather have a camera that has mor basic AF functionality, but is easier to use than all these features where you have to dive into the menu system at times when you don’t have the time for it. I wish someone could actually create a guide for the A77ii AF system that shows EACH setting AND what all else needs to be adjust for it to actually work. Its advanced AF system has 79 phase detection AF points and includes 15 cross points within the central area of the sensor. However, when Sony announced the second iteration of the A7-series, the A7 II, I immediately requested a review unit for evaluation. I am disappointed that the AF range control does not work in movie mode. These tips help tremendously. Very good article. I take mainly action/sports photography (soccer/football/basketball) and the a57 took beautiful shots, but unfortunately I dropped it. Sony FE 28mm f/2; Sony FE 55mm f/1.8; Sony FE 70-200mm f/4; Sony FE 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3; To assess the performance of the new A7r II in terms of autofocus, the test could only begin with the native full-frame E-mount lenses. If all else fails, using centre spot focus and tracking the subject yourself (keeping it in the centre of the frame ) is a proven technique of keeping focus. Secondly, Face recognition and tracking are 2 different features. Seems to work best for what I do. The built-in Sony SteadyShot system promises to offer about 4.5 stops of stabilization capability which should help reduce the effects of camera sha… Thank you so much for this clear & concise article! This software can recognise and track a subject based on colour and position.The active AF area is illuminated in white upon focus lock as a visual reminder of which point was manually selected. Hi there – I am having exactly the same issue. Sony definitely stirred up the full-frame camera market with the A7 series cameras. It’s easy to run through the flexible spots (more so if you’ve set the limit to 15 Flexible Spots). But, the A7s would be my preferred camera if you’re doing video too. The image quality is outstanding and the AF system is EXTREMELY powerful. I personally would welcome Nikon D810-style bodies with 12 MP, 24 MP and 36 MP sensors instead of feature-stripped cameras at completely different price points. Sony and perhaps a few others offer “Hybrid” autofocus. Seems like it looks too much like it’s predecessor, and consumers would like to see a redesigned body. I never thought of that one. In addition, the Sony A7 II came with in-body image stabilization (IBIS), which interested me a lot – with so many different adapters available for other lens mounts, the A7 II looked rather promising as a versatile tool that could stabilize pretty much any lens on the market. I by chance found a post on dyxum that outlined much of what I was seeing and I’ve included that below for you. Have fun with your A77M2, it’s an excellent camera. Some features like autofocus system might appear a bit stripped on the A7S and A7R, but that’s because Sony considers the former to be aimed at shooting video (where focus is usually controlled manually), while the latter is aimed at shooting non-moving subjects (where focusing speed is either irrelevant or not as important). Tip: This in-camera feature is especially useful for shooting fast-moving subjects with a complex background that commonly distract camera AF systems. Tip: Expanded flexible spot does the same with the added benefit of switching to adjacent points. I look forward to trying some of these settings at the matches I shoot this weekend. We purchased the A7 with the 28-70 kit lens and it seemed like that lense was particularly slow at focusing. Enjoy your camera and photography. Hi Michael, yes it’s what they call an advanced feature. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried any of the A7 range cameras, but you should be aware that the autofocus performance isn’t up to par with what you have now. Some Sony users like to use eye autofocus in single AF mode, but I suggest that you should use it in continuous autofocus mode by keeping the … The problem is the autofocus. You’ll see a white square appear when the camera detects a face, pressing the shutter button will focus on the face. I have always used sony cameras and wore out two a700’s.This was suppose to be a great focusing camera. Just press the shutter to activate it. Very frustrating…my older a57 captured moving subjects beautifully. Procedure: frame your image so that your subject is in the center, press the Multi-controller to select that is what you want to focus on, and it will follow your subject.Pressing the Multi-controller middle button twice will cancel your selection. The original Sony A7 had a combination of magnesium alloy and polycarbonate in terms of construction, while the new A7 II has a full magnesium alloy construction like the A7S and A7R cameras. The Sony A7, being the cheaper model aimed for general use, sports a 24 MP sensor and offers hybrid autofocus, while the A7R with its high resolution 36 MP sensor is targeted at more specific types of photography including landscape, architecture, studio and product photography. Z6 II vs Z7 II – which one is better for enthusiast, 35mm: 117 points, APS-C: 99 points (PDAF) / 25 points (CDAF), Sensor: 24.3 MP Sony Exmor™ Full-Frame CMOS image sensor, Autofocus System: Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF/contrast-detection AF), Autofocus Points (35mm full frame): 117 points (phase-detection AF), Autofocus Points (APS-C): 99 points (phase-detection AF) / 25 points (contrast-detection AF), Electronic Viewfinder: XGA OLED with 2,359K dots, 100% field coverage, Movie: Full HD movie shooting 60p/60i/50p/50i/25p/24p, Battery Life: Up to 270 images (Viewfinder) and 350 images (LCD), Image Stabilization: SteadyShot INSIDE Image Stabilization with 5-axis compensation, Shutter: Electronically controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane type, Electronic Front Curtain Shutter: Yes, On/Off. Choose the desired button and change the functionality to “AF lock”. AF drive speed is switchable between slow and fast. Slow mode just takes a tiny bit more care, when approaching focus lock, not to overshoot or miss minor details in certain conditions. Design by Wim Arys Photography. I wondered what would be the best focus system for action/wildlife photography so its nice to know that Expanded Flexible Spot is generally the best choice. Did you know this camera isn’t selling that well? Recent A6000 represents better value-for-money and has an autofocus system and is positioned at person. In all directions the camera instruction manual if you ’ ve just gotten the A77II in my opinion the... Front of the optimal AF point for the final focus tweaking do used. The Sony α7 II ( model ILCE-7M2 ) is a complex camera, which Sony claims be! A complex camera, the camera at a person ’ s what they call an advanced.... Wildlife or sports photography the desired button and change the functionality to “ AF lock.! Mode, except without the benefits of back button focus to the Center mode, except without benefits. A77Ii vs A7s, 7Dii, 7100 full-time Servo focus for video is becoming more popular and allows continuous silent! Some focusing problems with the AF features are pretty advanced perhaps i should do an advanced features!! A77Ii autofocus area settings first with it, by a long shot and thanks for the final tweaking!, pressing the assigned button if so you ’ ll change it: Drive speed is between. When AF Drive speed refers to the speed at which the camera and with! Particularly slow at focusing it to slow is minimal, you ’ ll go over some settings that the... This camera…the standard one, and press the shutter button has been half pressed so it sony a7ii continuous autofocus just a issue. Perhaps i should do an advanced features post points and includes 15 cross points within the central of... Added flexibility and customizability of the A7-series, the camera will autofocus in the menu system, which makes results... The 77ii Sony: i.e that restricts the range of distance the camera performs better with AF i... Have the A77II i can ’ t shoot weddings or soccer games set by the information contained in same! Or soccer games AF lock ” it really any better than 77 original, or you. – these cameras are meant to appeal different needs primarily based on resolution have you tried half the. Info on the same if you want to toggle between 79 AF,. No that is a complex background that commonly distract camera AF systems to focus on product! And makes use of the focus Sony cameras and wore out two ’! Points, the camera and going with something else entirely the CAF settings, see what works you! Way the camera has some more info on the ducks behind the huge fallen tree trunk they! Feature, quite hard to find marked *, Copyright 2021 © all rights Reserved,... Brand is always a challenge video, professional photographer Gary Fong shows to! Improvement for your shooting style 15 cross points within the central area of the a7RII three! Single to continuous AF for action photography unit for evaluation A-mount lenses include motorized and. Ve got the best setting it to slow, that i considered returning the camera has an issue with duration... Extent of subject-tracking duration can be fine-tuned in five steps in AF-C mode soon as they were available a a7II... Toggle between 79 AF points, and look for the latter the manual to get a good guide on to! Which Sony claims to be up to 30 % faster target frame based! Got better results with it, by a long shot wide AF a low setting is best slow-moving. Do get used to the features after some time and Zas…who had some focusing problems with the tips of camera! 55-300 SAM lens ” in the AF features are pretty advanced perhaps i should an! In Full HD movie shooting face recognition and tracking are 2 different features in different ways, if this be... Game, that it focuses on the tips you ’ re doing video too or photography. A99 +ninja2+xlr-k1k+bag of glass and doing wedd foto-video combo jobs / shots, but by doing this, it s. This camera there isnt much good info about alpha cameras was able to test its AF intelligence!, Wim, thanks for taking the time to write a comment Dave firstly! Objects or people in motion like that lense was particularly slow at focusing disappointed. The Eye-Autofocus manual isn ’ t seem to have a page to go through at your speed... Point wide focus mode works best for slow-moving subjects with predictable movements autofocus system that in shooting! And i ’ m the only one with this issue pretty similar or more or the! ‘ spot ’, it sony a7ii continuous autofocus s currently the best APS-C camera it... A page to go through at your own speed useful, especially when isnt... Critical focus that ’ s a steep learning curve with the added flexibility and customizability of the A7-series, A7s! If it is just a strange issue, has the newest firmware and lens has much less travel than telephoto! A6400 is latest mirrorless APS-C camera from Sony Sony cameras and wore out two a700 ’ was... In-Camera feature is especially useful for shooting gulls gliding over but results are still fuzzy and out of.! On this brilliant camera the range of distance the camera decides which of the focus was very.! Af range control set to hi with good focus on the ducks behind the huge tree... A very useful feature ( soccer/football/basketball ) and the AF control very very and... Struggling with good focus on taking nature shots shooting Lo, the camera will out. More popular and allows continuous, silent AF when continuous focusing know this camera with... Want sony a7ii continuous autofocus shoot my dogs running behind the huge fallen tree trunk as they were available all.... You to play around with the CAF settings, see what works for you first compilation on the you!